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Eco sostenibilità - Il Noceto

The processes

At the headquarters of Il Noceto, there is also the modern walnut processing center, equipped with state-of-the-art plants where all production phases are subjected to rigorous and continuous quality controls. Here the nuts are brought to be separated from the pulp that wraps and protects them
Washing only with water allows you to maintain the characteristic amber color of the walnut and not alter the taste of the kernel.
The long tradition and experience gained over the years have allowed developing a unique drying method that allows to gradually reduce humidity, without altering polyunsaturated fatty acids and giving the product an inimitable fragrance.

Arrivo delle noci del campo - il noceto

The arrival of the Walnuts

The Traceability Code assigned to each batch of nuts entering the processing center guarantees the traceability between the finished nuts and the plant that produced them.

First cleaning

The processing begins with a pre-cleaning carried out to eliminate both the nuts that do not meet the required quality and all those elements (leaves, earth, twigs, grass, stones, etc.) which, following the harvest, may have remained with the product.

Prepulituta delle noci
Lavaggio delle Noci - Il Noceto


The washing is then carried out using only water without the addition of whitening products and additives: the naturalness of the product is a fundamental requirement for walnut.


After washing, an optical sorter locates the nuts with the husk and sends them into a machine that separates the husk from the walnut.

Smaltatura - il noceto
Pre selezione manuale - il noceto

Manual pre-selection

Once dehulled, the nuts undergo further washing and manual sorting.


Once washed, the nuts undergo a short drying process that allows stabilization of the water content, the maintenance of organoleptic characteristics, and its unmistakable fragrance.

Essicazione - il Noceto
Selezione manuale - Il Noceto

Manual selection

After the drying process, the final selection of the product is made based on the size and color.

Automatic Selection

Noceto is equipped with an optical sorter and an automatic calibrator that divides the walnuts by size and color, with a production capacity of over 25 quintals per hour. We can therefore say that we have 4 control phases.

Selezione automatica - Il Noceto
Analisi qualità - il noceto

Quality Analysis

A random analysis is carried out to ensure maximum safety and quality for every 250 kg of dry product.


Only Lara nuts that pass the controls become "Noce d'Oro" and will be ready for storage and then packaged in an automated way to be distributed.
The whole procedure ends in December.

Confezionamento - Il Noceto