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Eco sostenibilità - Il Noceto

Sustainable agricolture

For years the consortium has been helping to develop green agriculture, attentive to the environment, energy-saving and, therefore, sustainable:

Serbatoio d'ossigeno - il noceto

An oxygen tank

Plants reached the age of five to six years become trees six to seven meters high, also acquiring a high landscape value and conseasing a resource both as an oxygen lung and as a fight against pollution. Our walnuts return an average of 1800 tons of oxygen to the environment every year. A real green lung for the environment.


The 157kw photovoltaic system: allows during the year to contribute to the production of electricity from renewable sources and reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 1200 tons.

Impianto fotovoltaico per un agricoltura sostenibile
Riciclo dell'acqua - ilnoceto

Water recycling

The water used for washing nuts is not wasted. A modern purification plant allows water to separate from the residual products recovered during the collection of nuts (grass, twigs, soil) that settle on the bottom. Purified water is returned to the environment while the deposited mud is reused as fertilizer.