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La ricerca - il Noceto Chiarano

Research has always supported production

Il Noceto Has made research one of the prerogatives of its activity. Knowing, exploring, experimenting are considered an investment for the future and also necessary actions to improve, over time, the cultivation of niche excellence conducted by very few companies in Italy.

Noceto carries out continuous research activity on the most suitable cultivation techniques to ensure the excellent quality of the product. The activity begins in the field, with the assistance of the members for the choice of the varieties to be planted, the management of the orchards from a biological and phytopathological point of view, through careful monitoring of the environmental data collected by the network of probes and sensors placed in the orchards.

Actions that Noceto carries out thanks to important and authoritative collaborations matured and developed over the years, and that has allowed conjugate production with respect for the environment.

Noceto collaborates with numerous Universities and Research Centers, among which we mention:

  • il CREA in Rome;
  • la Fondazione Edmund Mach di San Michele all’Adige (TN);
  • il «GREEN» with the Nogalba consortium of Rovigo, the Unicoque cooperative in Cancon, and advisors from the Davis University of California (USA);
  • “Amici del Noce” in which all the Italian companies that grow walnuts have come together to finance research applied to the nut sector about the new climate change and its consequences.
Crea partner nella ricerca del Il Noceto
Crea partner nella ricerca del Il Noceto