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Raccolta delle noci - Il Noceto

Integrated and Sustainable Production

The production of nuts follows a precise process to draw the highest quality from the fruit following the rules of the specification.

Filiera controllata - il noceto

Controlled supply chain

The technical production specification of Il Noceto was the starting point for the definition of what is today the Technical Specification of the Supply Chain to which all our producers adhere.

The ripening of the nuts usually ends in early September, and it is immediately after that the harvest takes place.

Each company collects in a maximum of 20 25 days: the first two steps are carried out between the rows of plants to collect the fruits that have already fallen through that process known as swath for which the nuts are mechanically gathered in a central lane and then harvested by suction.

Filiera controllata - raccolta delle noci - ilnoceto
Scarico delle noci - il Noceto

Then we proceed with a third step, shaking the walnuts slightly to make those remaining on the plant fall. All nuts are transferred to Chiarano's processing center.