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Omega-3 Vegetable Nuts and Heart Health Benefits

In a recent article published by Il Fatto Alimentare, the results of a publication in Advances in Nutrition are highlighted, which confirm the positive effect of a diet rich in linolenic acid with a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10% and deaths in the same causes of 20%. Other studies including alpha omega, Predimed, and Lyon Diet Heart show a lowering of total cholesterol, of that ’bad' (the LDL), triglycerides, and mean pressure values, while epidemiological ones and some others show a clear anti-inflammatory effect. As for the quantities, to have beneficial effects Linolenic acid should provide between 0.6 and 1% of daily calories. This means about 1.1 grams for women and 1,6 for men, which corresponds to about 15 grams of nuts. Nuts among nuts are the only ones with a high content of Omega 3 (Alpha-linolenic acid) about 12 grams per 100 grams of kernel, pecans contain only 2 g peanuts 1 g, almonds 0.5 g, hazelnuts 0.2 g while pistachios and macadamia do not contain any   (CREA, December 2019).
06/04/2022 - Today we talk about several articles in the world

Two new studies confirm the benefits of nuts for the cardiovascular system

The benefit brought by the consumption of dried fruits on the health of vessels and heart has recently obtained further confirmation. Here are two recent studies, highlighting the benefits of classic nuts in healthy subjects susceptible to cardiovascular disease.
10/09/2021 -
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HARVARD: eating nuts lengthens life

In a recent article of the ONB National Order of Biologists which takes up a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, published in Nutrients, it is reiterated that increased consumption both in terms of quantity and frequency may be associated with a lower risk of death and an increase in life expectancy among the elderly. This study doesn’t prove cause and effect but sheds light on how nuts can support a lifestyle that promotes, as many other studies have already proven longevity. "What we have learned from this study is that even a few handfuls of nuts per week can help promote longevity, especially among those whose diet quality is not exceptional at the beginning. It is practical advice that can be feasible for some people who are trying to improve their health, which is the priority for many people ", Yanping Li, Research Director of Harvard TH Chan School. The study found that five or more servings of nuts per week (portion = 28 grams) can provide maximum benefit for mortality risk and life expectancy.
25/08/2021 - Today we talk about several articles in the world

Nuts, properties, and benefits of the heart-friendly fruit

20/02/2021 -
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Regular walnut intake may help protect against negative outcomes associated with H. pylori infection

Did you know that according to a very recent study, regular consumption of nuts has positive effects in the reduction of related symptoms to infection with Helicobacter Pylori.
09/02/2021 -
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Here are the 5 main benefits of nuts

13/11/2020 -
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Men who eat nuts are more fertile: Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts improve quality of semen and boost sperm count and motility, study finds

A Spanish study found that nuts can help reduce infertility problems.
10/11/2020 -
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Heart Disease Risk Might Be Reduced by Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Walnuts

A recent study confirmed that Omega 3 of plant origin in the same way as fish, helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.
10/11/2020 -
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Circulating Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Incident Adverse Events in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction

A recent study confirmed that Omega 3 of plant origin in the same way as fish, helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.
03/11/2020 -
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Walnuts included in the 2020 USDA recommendations

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is recognizing walnuts because they mostly contain polyunsaturated fats, including 2.5 grams of Omega3 ALA per ounce. Walnuts are the only nut with an excellent source of ALA making them the Omega3 ALA nut.
21/09/2020 -
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The Nuts in the dreams

Dreaming of collecting nuts is considered a good omen you hope for happiness in the couple’s relationship, despite the numerous problems.
In the Neapolitan grimace, the walnut is the 24.
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Effects of Walnut Consumption on Plasma Fatty Acids and Lipoproteins in Combined Hyperlipidemia

Walnut supplementation may beneficially alter lipid distribution among various lipoprotein subclasses even when total plasma lipids do not change. This may be an additional mechanism underlying the antiatherogenic properties of nut intake.
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Changes in Nut Consumption and Subsequent Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among US Men and Women: 3 Large Prospective Cohort Studies

Liu X, Guasch‐Ferré M, Drouin‐Chartier JP, Tobias DK, Bhupathiraju SN, Rexrode KM, Willett WC, Sun Q, and Li Y
In an American study, it is highlighted as the consumption of nuts and in particular, walnuts is associated with a decreased risk of CVD cardiovascular disease (CardioVascular Disease).
01/04/2020 -
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Consuming walnuts in women helps keep them healthier

Freitas-Simoes TM, Wagner M, Samieri C, Sala-Vila A, Grodstein F
In a recent Spanish scientific study, they found that the consumption of walnuts during middle age correlated with improved general health and well-being in old age. The study correlates this finding with the presence in walnuts’ high amounts of alpha-linolenic acid and ellagitannins.
07/01/2020 -
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What you didn't know about walnut: its history and what to evaluate when buying

If an old saying says "a walnut in a sack makes no noise (that is, the protests of a few do not worry anyone) it is also true that this dried fruit can gather many around the table, by being, for example, a symbol of the end of the meals of the parties in company, but not only!
22/02/2020 -
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Walnuts may slow cognitive decline in at-risk elderly

The Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a search done in California and Spain that confirmed that eating walnuts may help slow cognitive decline in at-risk groups of the elderly population.
17/01/2020 -
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5 impressive health benefits of Walnuts by adding it to your diet

Add walnuts to your diet and you will get 5 amazing health benefits.
17/01/2020 -
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Nuts, how many per a day, and when to eat them

In this article, we talk about how much nuts to eat per day and when to reap all the benefits.
09/12/2019 -
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Do walnuts lower blood pressure? Medicine responds

A new American study has confirmed that walnuts help lower blood pressure thanks to the effect of both alpha-linolenic acid and all the other ingredients. Remember, however, that this result is achieved if walnuts are included in a balanced diet, healthy an,d low in fat.
07/12/2019 -
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The benefits of almonds, walnut,s, and hazelnuts

Nuts are rich in Omega 3, do not make you feel hungry,. They provide a source of noble protein and fiber, lower cholesterol levels because they contain plant sterols, and prevent obesity as they have a low glycemic index.
05/12/2019 -
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Santé cardiovasculaire: les noix diminuent les risques d’accidents cardiaques

Eat nuts and live longer.
02/12/2019 - - Article the n French language
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Noix et fruits à coque : 30 g par jour, c'est la dose efficace

30 g of nuts per day is the optimal dose.
According to the ESC European SocieCardiologylogyan association "meaningful" is evidenced between intakes and reduction of cardiac or cerebrovascular deaths. Le Quotidien du Médecin states, "eat nuts at least twice a week is associated with a 17% reduction in cardiovascular mortality compared to consumption limited to once every two weeks ".
12/2019 - - Article the n French language
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The Friday of Franca Merz – Scalopps with walnuts

A quick and simple second course proposed by Franca Mer: ScScallopsith walnuts.
28/11/2019 -
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Poids: les noix protègent contre la prise de poids

A 2016 study by researchers at Imperial College London and the Norwegian Institute of Norwegian University of Science and Technology, published on December 5, 2016, in the scientific journal BMCMedicine show showed people who eat at least 20 grams of nuts a day have a lower risk of suffering from heart disease, cancecancerd other diseases, diseases such as diabetes.
23/11/2019 - - Article in the French language
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If Walnuts Could Talk, Here’s What They Would Tell You

In the sixteenth century, doctors in Europe claimed that: foods that resembled parts of the body were particularly useful for the health of those parts the walnut kernel resembles the brain. Today many scientific studies explain why the walnut is useful the heafor lth of our nervous system, both central and peripheral.
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Rich in vitamin E and immune system friends: here are the properties of nuts

Interesting interview of "Il Giornale del Cibo" with Francesca Evangelisti, biologist nutritionist, to know the properties of nuts.
22/11/2019 -
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Nut Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Walnuts have high levels he omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid previous research has demonstrated that pre-treatment of BV-2 microglia with walnut extract inhibited lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced activation of microglia.
Fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, can protect against the production of y toxic intermediates and may be useful to prevent neurodegeneration linked to age or disease.
18/11/2019 -
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Nut Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that Consuming at least one serving of walnuts weekly is associated with a 15% reduction in cardiovascular risk and a 23% reduction in coronary risk. The article is accompanied by an editorial whose title summarizes the topic: "Eat Nuts, Live Longer".
14/11/2018 -
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Walnuts Consumed by Healthy Adults ProvideLess Available Energy than Predicted by theAtwater Factors

American USDA scientists have recalculated the calorie content of walnuts. The content is less than estimated to date!
A study conducted by the US government and published in The Journal of Nutrition found that the caloric content of nuts is 20% lower than the indications hitherto used in the computation done through the Atwater indices.
18/11/2015 -
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