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Label indications legend

  • Product: Walnuts or dried walnuts, walnuts can be eaten both green and dried.
    In almost all cases in Italy, they are eaten dry, for which the indication Nuts is commonly synonymous with Dried Nuts. This wording indicates the type of product contained within the packaging;
  • Origin: country or area of origin of the walnuts; Noce d'Oro comes only from our walnut groves, located in the provinces of Treviso, Venice  and Udine.
  • Variety: walnuts can be produced from different varieties of trees each with different productive and organoleptic characteristics. Noce d’Oro is produced only from walnut groves of the Lara variety;
  • Category: walnuts can be marketed according to UNECE standards or as 1 category or 2 categories, respectively with up to 10% waste or up to 15% waste;
  • Size: nut diameter, the legislation provides for various types of sizes from 26 mm to more than 38 mm;
  • Net weight: net weight of the package;
  • Harvest: the period during which the packaged product was harvested;
  • Best before: month within which it is recommended to consume the product;
  • Batch: batch number;
  • Shelf life: walnuts should always be kept in a cool place, dry, and possibly protected from sources of light and heat. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids causes a rapid deterioration of the organoleptic properties above 15° so it is recommended to keep the fragrance intact to store them below this temperature. Some recommend after spring shell them and then store them in the freezer even throughout the summer, taking the quantity as needed.